Color of the month: Yellows for protection

Song of the month: “Slide” – YG & H.E.R

Workout of the month: Calisthenics 

Happy Bearth Day, Pisces! February has so much in store for you this month, this is a revitalizing month for you. Things that were lost could come up found this month. Mercury comes into your home sign on the 4th of the month and will go retrograde on the 17th of the month. This will have many of you reevaluating how you want to present yourself to the world. Many of you are simply wanting to be more of yourself but often fear judgement. Please, realize there is nothing to fear. You are a uniquely beautiful soul and the world would be blessed to have you. Be yourself. Venus enters your 8th house of money on the 8th and that means there could be an increase in money. Bless yourself with that thing you’ve been wanting, Pisces. You’re more than worthy and the money will reflow. Coupled Pisces could get some delish birthday gifts from the sig. other. You could even find yourself wanting to spoil your boo, around this time. Also, what’s something that you really love to do? It could turn into a business. Even if it’s a part-time business, you’ll love it & the money it brings. Click the link to learn more about your natal chart.


The 9th offers a full moon in your 6th house of health & work. Some of you could be making changes in your work. Your health and work are interrelated and that’s why career changes could be on the menu during this transit. Many of you are in the phase where you are moving or thinking about moving into a career that fulfills your soul. Some will be relocating their home. It’s time to get back to the basics when it comes to your health. Daily habits are going to be highlighted during the retrograde to help you make beneficial changes. Cut out the sugar and processed foods, one at a time to make transitions easier for you. Eat foods that offer life, not the opposite. Drink at least 1 gallon of spring water on a daily basis and make sure to keep your body flexible. As a mutable sign, you want to remain able to change as the ebbs and flows of life occur. Keep your body physically loose by stretching daily, yoga, regular exercise and chiropractic care. If the full moon starts to bring annoying habits to your attention, then those are the habits you may want to change. P.S. how’s your spending vs saving? This is something you’ll want to balance out.


Mercury goes retrograde in your 2nd house of finances and Mars moves into your 11th house of social circles and reputation on the 17th. The Sun enters your sign on the 19th to wish you a happy birthday and bring the awareness to how you’ve been treating yourself, lately. You’ll get a brand new personal “new year” to reset your intentions for yourself. Mars wants you to take action and put yourself out there by showing off what you’ve got. You’ll have the confidence to take action this month. This is especially tasty energy for those of you who may not have had a great start to the calendar new year. Remember, Saturn and Jupiter are already in your 11th house to make sure social changes go according to plan. You’re still exploring and changing relationship dynamics. You may have already started to move in different crowds, getting a feel for what’s the best vibe for you. The moon and Neptune are in your 1st house and this is the time when you get to revamp your ideas and goals for yourself all while taking a personal inventory on your inner-self to see what needs to be upgraded and removed. Pisces, it seems that you did not come to play around this month. You are here to become the best version of yourself and your world will reflect every ounce of effort you’ve invested.


Put energy into your social efforts online or offline. You could even link up with a group of people who are dedicated towards a higher-mission. What has meaning to you? Find your soul-tribe to help make important changes in the world. The cosmos want you to come out and show the world the beautiful colors on your Piscean scales. You really shouldn’t be afraid of what others may think, your confidence will speak for itself. You have the opportunity to make some beautiful inner changes that can manifest in boundless opportunities.


Theme: Authentic self, social changes, new health start, resources and finances, completions.