Color of the month: Greens

Song of the month: “Back in the Day” remix– Ahmad Lewis

Workout of the month: Gym class (boxing, pilates, cycling etc.)


Hey Libra. Let’s get this thing started. The month starts off with mercury joining Neptune & Venus in your 6th house of work and health on the 4th of the month. The 6th house deals with daily life habits like your work and health routines. Speaking of routines, what are your routines like? How do you start your days? Do you maximize your time? What are your hobbies? This could be a time where you are getting more serious about your health. Mercury goes retrograde in your 6th house on the 17th and this will allow you to take a look at your old habits. If there’s any daily adjustments you’d like to make to your routine, the retrograde can help make this happen. Pay attention to your daily work routines and how they affect your mind and body. Could it be that your career is no longer serving your higher calling? Be flexible and open to the changes that want come in and create balance in your life, Libra. If you know you haven’t been exercising and eating clean, then it’s time to take control. Always live in the here & now, that way you don’t get caught up on the past or future, too much. The "here & now" forces us to take accountability for the these we have present control over. Try signing up for a new workout class that lets you have fun while working out.


Mercury then moves into your 7th house of “ships”: partnerships, relationships, situation-ships and more. Your friendships could undergo changes at this time. Some of you will meet new friends while others will be letting go of friendships. Many of you have outgrown your friends/surroundings anyhow. Some may need to apologize or make amends with others. Use your words to create peace and others will concur. Decide what type of groups you want to be associated with. What type of people do you need to be around? It’s time to upgrade your social status. Reinvent yourself through your relationships. Start being the person you truly are in your relationships. The ones that are meant for you will stick around. The others will fall away; so be it. Singles, you could find a new romance. Speaking of romances, retrogrades are infamous for bringing back things from the past. An ex, old buddy, long distance relative or even an old hobby could revisit your life. If this happens, take things slow because you need to see things with balanced eyes.


The retrograde wants you to feel fulfilled in the work you do. Your humanitarian side will be more than ready to help change the world. How would you make a difference in the world? There’s a new moon on the 23rd happening in your 6th house to help you accomplish all of those health goals you’ve created for yourself. A refreshed mindset will help to take care of those things you’ve been putting off like that dentist appointment, or that check-up or your blood work etc. Whatever it is that you need to do for yourself to make your avatar stronger, the new moon will help you off to a refreshed start. Create balance in your diet/lifestyle. You literally revive yourself at this time. Mars lights up your 4th house at the end of the month that could play out as changes in the family home. Changes on a basic level could involve home décor while more advanced changes deal with relocation. Some of you could me moving to a new home or someone could be soon living with you. Either way, you’ll enjoy all things that remind you of home this month. Couples may prefer to spend more time in the home versus outside of the home. Home life looks great this month. Working out in the home could be great as well. Drink lots of water and remember to stretch and practice grounding meditation to keep your inner-self balanced. For a better understanding of your February hiyah-horoscope click the link for your free natal chart.



Themes: Healing relationships, refreshed outlook, action in the home, health-kick and daily-life habits