Color of the month: Hunter green

Song of the month: “Just Go With It” – The Internet

Workout of the month: Kickboxing, Rock climbing (group classes)


Welcome to February, Gemini. Let’s get right into things. Click here for your free natal chart. The month kicks off with some helpful aspects that involves Venus; the planet of luxury, harmony and joy enters your 11th house of social interactions, groups, friends/colleagues and reputation. Things could become hella interesting this month; especially if a friend tries to set you up with someone they know. Here’s the thing, single Gems. If you trust your friend’s judgement regarding your well-being, then I’d say “just go with it”. You’ll never know what happens, besides who doesn’t love a good conversation more than your talkative butt. And, your friends tend to really know you, so they know a potential match whenever they see one. In general, this is a social month for you. Coupled Gems could experience great date nights out with your sig. other. If you’re looking to gain money/awareness for a good cause, then this energy is great for allowing others to see your vision. Make sure you’re doing it from the hearth though, remember everyone has all the “feels” right now and you want to make sure you’re always operating from a heartfelt place. What do you want for yourself? Let Venus attract those interactions and meetings for you. the full-moon on the 9th lighting up your 3rd house of communication, technology, transportation, thinking, learning & mental health. How is your mental health? What are your thought patterns like? Do you feel at ease? Honestly? Are you getting lost in the stories that take up space in your mind? It’s time to acknowledge and adjust the mental behaviors that no longer serve you. It’s time to focus. Stop giving the “what ifs” all of the credit, as if they’re even a real thing. Remember to stay in the moment this month; every month. The full-moon may bring something to completion for you like an online project you’ve been working on. You could also be receiving some honorable mentions around town. For some, your reputation is on the rise if you’ve been actively pursuing 3rd house related projects. Things could come to fruition for you during this time, or during the retrograde. But, if things come to an end, just know that it no longer served a purpose in your life. Besides, the new moon on the 23rd offers a chance to view things from a new perspective and maybe take new actions. New friends/social circles are definitely on the menu this month.


Speaking of retrogrades, on the 17th of the month, Mercury goes retrograde in your 10th house of careers. Long term goals and visions could come up for review at this time and could play out in a way that’ll have you questioning aspects of how you earn financial security. Job statuses could change at this time: this could range from promotions, to job changes or lose in job status. It really all depends on what suits your personal journey the most. Explore, new career opportunities; especially ones that involve spirituality or holistic practices. If that’s not your thing then find ways to incorporate more holistic vibes into your work life, somehow. Take us, for example; we’ve taken streetwear and incorporated spirituality into every aspect of what we offer. The best part about this is, anything you pursue will have your signature vibe which will automatically attract those who resonate with your creations. How can you make a difference in your career? Things may come up for review during time. please be diligent to details to save yourself potential frustrations. Mars is in the 8th house of practicality, planning, details and goals. This energy will help to make a plan with small objectives that can help propel you further than you’d expect if you’d allow it. Themes this month include new work/business opportunities and sharing more of yourself to the world. It’s time to start offering your gifts with the world, it’s like your human duty, right. Some of you could experience awakenings that allow you to learn more about your spiritual gifts and talents so that you can live abundantly and profound. Gemini, the cosmos really wants you to take action because they’ve got more in-store than you know. Take care of yourself this month; every month. Trying a new workout class that feels more like a good-time rather than a strenuous workout could do you some good this month. I guess it’s time to get on Groupon, eh. Drink plenty of water and since Mercury is in retrograde this month, you had better start watching your mouth more. A wise lady advised, to treat your words and thoughts like spells that WILL manifest and come true for you. (read that sentence again, please.) Make sure you speak and think from a place of love and compassion. Facts are nice and all, but humans are emotional beings by nature. Be kind to yourself and others, Gem. Take it easy. We’ll see you next month. Leave a comment and let us know how February’s reading resonated with you.


Theme: Rethinking/reconsidering career life, completed projects, plan in advance, social interactions and new friends.