Color of the month: Black for increased luck

Song of the month: “Children’s Story” – Slick Rick

Workout of the month: Weight lifting for strength


 Welcome to February, Capricorn. We’re really starting to get into year 2020. Let’s see how the month kicks off for you, but for a better understanding of your natal chart. Click the link and get your free natal birth chart. Mercury retrogrades this month and the usual tips apply. Don’t start anything new, plan for extra time when traveling and try not to freak out if you have to upgrade your technology. Mercury enters your 3rd house on the 4th of the month and anything you’ve been working on that deals with writing, reading or communicating could be launched or completed at this time. it’s also time to look at your social circles to see who’s adding value and who’s draining your energy. Just because you’ve had friends for a certain amount of time doesn’t mean the automatically get to stay around. You don’t have time to tolerate people and how they are. You deserve to be around people to take care of themselves and their relationships. Basically, what I’m saying is that you’re not asking for “too much”. You just want to deal with people who can hold up their end of the bargain, as you should. Don’t waste time on making the changes that need to happen.


Venus enters your 4th house on the 8th of the month and this makes your home life seem more blissful. Beautifying your surroundings can have a great affect on your daily mood. As a result, changes in the home can help with tension between family members by smoothing things over and clearing the air. The 9th offers a full moon in your 8th house of resources, taxes, secrets and death. It could be time to let the secrets die-off. No more keeping important information from your loved ones and things that demand your money could also creep up at this time. what needs to be acknowledged and adjusted regarding your taxes/financial resources. The 17th offers a retrograde and on the same day Mars enters your home sign to kick up the desires to get things done. Start something new if you feel the urge but remember, there’s still a retrograde that effects how others thinking etc. People’s responses to your ideas may not be what you’d expect so you’re going to want to put all of this energy into yourself. It may even be good to keep this information to yourself. The theme of the month is having a fresh perspective. People from your past could reappear during the retrograde. You could revisit an old hobby or activity. I hope you’re allowing yourself the space to be flexible because you’ll want to allow for easier changes. Allow for extra time when traveling and plan for delays that way you won’t be bothered if a situation does occur. Play is smart, not hard.


The 23rd offers a new moon in your 8th house to help you with any endings, acknowledgements or adjustments that may have occurred during the full moon. A new perspective on your finances can be just the boos you need to feel better about your life. You’ll realize that you have way more control than you initially thought. You’ve got so much to be happy about, Cap. You are the focus of the month and there are so many energies and angles that are here to help you reach your higher self. Yes. Things can seem challenging as the experiences unfold, but new perspectives could have you embracing these types of moments instead of avoiding them. You are in a stage of transition and everything in your world is up for review. This new cycle will ultimately push you towards your calling if you don’t take the steps willingly and the angles urge you to get up and take those steps. This is no time to be stubborn or prideful. Remain humble and teachable because you don’t know everything. Stay grounded this month by walking barefoot in nature and eating a balanced diet of fruits/veggies.



Theme: staying grounded, social groups, self-driven, new perspective on finances and communication.