Color of the month: Yellow for vibrancy

Song of the month: “We Fly High” – Jim Jones

Workout of the month: Strengthening and Conditioning


Hey there Cancer. Let’s get started with the themes of this month. Click the link if for your free natal chart to learn your sun, moon & rising signs for a more accurate horoscope reading. The month starts off with Venus lighting up your 10th house of love, career & money. Good news can be on the menu thanks to Venus ability to spread the feeling of harmony. This is that feel good energy we all like to bathe in. For example, you could find yourself having better days at a job that may not be in alignment with your journey. Venus will help you focus on the things that give you joy. You know. The little things. Some of you could very well find romance at the work place. Who knew you and _____ could hit it off? Discover little ways to create more joy in your day. Also, what gives you pleasure. If you’ve got a skill that you’re good at, it could make you money.


On the 9th of the month, the full moon will shine a light on your 2nd house of money, finances and security. Money changes could occur that could range from receiving a bonus/inheritance to following a strict financial plan. It all depends on what you need, Cancer. Talents and gifts are wanting to be shared with the world because they could bring you a passive income or a full salary. Mercury goes retrograde on 17th of the month. The great thing about a retrograde is that projects can be successfully launched or successfully completed during this time. We don’t need to fret over retrogrades, they just allow us to slow things down so that we can catch-up with life. This means it’s important to pay attention to details and don’t rush if you have to travel. Double check data, times and facts before acting on something. Keep a backup plan in mind, just in case during a retrograde and you’ll be way more comfy. Mars also enters your 7th house on the same day, to cause you to look at how you literally “run” your relationships. What actions are you putting into your relationships? Are you giving enough? Are you giving too much? Mars wants you to put energy into your inner self because it’ll affect all of your relationships; business and professional. The sun enters Pisces on the 18th, which is your fellow-sister water sign. It’s a great time to get spiritual and deep. What do you wonder about? Explore that. Wisdom and elevation can present itself this month in the form of information or even a person. Yes, you could meet someone who is full of insight and knowledge. This month is great for keeping your money ideas flowing. Get creative in how you express your talents. You are so much more dope, than you give yourself credit for. Naturally, you’re very protective of yourself (hence, the shell), but Cancer, it’s time to come out and play because the weather is nice, and the world needs your energy. Strengthen your body (shell) this month. Exercise regularly and drink lots of water. Eat greens for easy digestion and stay in the moment and not in the “what ifs”. Keep your vibration high. Meditate and stand up for yourself.


Theme: Relationships, financial increases, wisdom, inner-work and talents.