Color of the month: Bright Colors

Song of the month: “Good as Hell” – Lizzo, Ariana Grande

Workout of the month: H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)


What a way to start of the new decade, Aries. January was filled with lots of insight and wisdom, let’s see what February has in store for you. (Click here for your free natal chart.) Starting off Venus enters your sign on the 8th of the month. The 1st house represents all things “self” and Venus represents luxury, joy and harmony. So, go ahead and do something nice for yourself around this time. And don’t be afraid to go all out, just remember to be mindful of your finances. Just know that it’s time for you to love on yourself because self-love is the best love. Turn up your vibe by wearing brighter colors. Show the world your edgy style. Do that thing with your hair and don’t worry about other’s opinions. It’s great that you’re paying more attention to your persona and mannerisms because others will soon do the same. It’s going to be hard to resist you when you’re feeling so confident and taking such great care of yourself this month, Aries. What a time to be single or looking for love; your charm is “off the charts”. You could find yourself with a suitable mate to help elevate the romance in your life, if you keep your eyes open. If you do snag something; keep things “cute,” and remember to enjoy yourself. Couples can see more spice in the bedroom this month. Your Aries energy is the perfect balance of confidence & sexy. You’ll have your partner’s full attention. The challenging relationships you’re involved in could see more harmony as there is strive for peace. Allow more peace by remembering to show compassion to yourself and others. Forgive. Fully.


The full moon on the 9th happens in the sign of Leo. This wants you to look at what needs to be acknowledged, adjusted or ended in your 5th house of creative outlets, entertainment, joy and inner child. Aries, you are known for being very driven about your life’s ambitions, but this can land you in a place of boredom. “All work and no play” is a no-fun way to live. Sometimes, you limit your fun for the sake of priorities etc. but now is the time to reintroduce your inner-child. Do stuff you want to do without thinking about how others might judge you. Who. Cares. What makes you smile? I mean, really? How often do you allow yourself to be silly in front of others? Going back to something that makes you feel nostalgic can be fun. Speaking of inner-child, why not hang out with the kiddos in your life? Take them to the trampoline park and don’t just sit there: jump with them! Allow the experiences to take place. Allow yourself to be inspired. Allow yourself to create. Others will be completing projects and cycles during this time to make room for the next manifestations to take place. During this 4-week full-moon influence you might begin to notice some unsavory aspects about your 5th house that’ll soon have you setting intentions to make some changes. Let this happen. Don’t get all tight about what you notice, remember it’s only to show you what no longer works for you. Acknowledge whatever it is and adjust, it or let it go. It’s time to take yourself way more seriously than you have been in the recent past, Aries. It’s time to show up, for real for real. Move your body to help with excess energy, you don’t want that stuff just sitting around. If you’re tense, stressed etc. moving your body can help transmute that type of energy into something more useful.


Mercury goes retrograde for the first time this year in your 11th house of community, social circles and the associations you align with. Some of you will bump into old buddies out of nowhere, others will receive/send a “reaching-out”. If the retrograde brings back somebody that you used to know, then take things easy. Meaning, let things flow to see if this person has changed and is a good fit for your life. I’ll be honest fam, if it’s been only a short amount of time since you guys parted ways, then there’s a solid chance this energy doesn’t apply to them. Don’t fall for old patterns. Watch out for gossip. That means don’t get in it & don’t spread it. You may find yourself finding out who your real friends are this month and that can change relationship dynamics for some of you. Please, don’t get bound by the concept of time that you keep engaging in stagnant relationships. You don’t have time for any of that this month. You are on your ish’. Taking care of you. And you expect others to do the same for themselves. This is how you find that balance between compassion and healthy-selfishness. Reflecting on this past year or documenting your accomplishments can reveal lots of insight and even lead to emotional breakthroughs as the sun enters the watery sign of Pisces. This takes you to your inner world to explore and grow your sprit. Don’t be stubborn about learning about new ideas/concepts. Open your mind and expand your knowledge. The new moon in Pisces allows you to gain a refreshed look on your beliefs and spiritual journey. This can have magnificent benefits for you, Aries. Especially your mental/physical health. The sign of Pisces is all things unseen; like your power. This is a time when you can begin to discover more of your inner strength and power. And, Aries. My goodness. You are powerful. Take quiet time to yourself this month. Long walks/Jogs are great for occupying your mind in a healthy way. Don’t let the stories in your head take over and cause you grief. Live in the moment. If it ain’t happening, don’t trip. Your energy is off the charts this month.


Themes: Create more, re-evaluating alliances, self-love, inner-child and higher vibes