Color of the month: Deep Blues for balance

Song of the month: “Forgot About Dre” – Dr. Dre

Workout of the month: Core/Back for balance


Hello Aquarius. Happy, happy solar return! It’s the best time of the year! Click the link for your free natal chart. This is your personal “new year” and you get to start things on a refreshed note. What do you want for yourself this year? Think more about your dreams and wishes. What do you want to experience this year? Mercury will retrograde this month for you to take some time to think deeply about this. But to start, Mercury joins Venus and Neptune in your 2nd house of financial security and material possessions. It’s a time for material blessings. Feel free to bless yourself with something you deserve. Tasty food is also on the menu. Here’s the thing, Aquarius. You’ve got to believe with all of your human cells that the cosmos have your best interest in mind when it comes to this area of your life. You are divinely guided and protected, even if it feels like you aren’t. Your life is filled with abundance and you have everything you need. Speaking of abundance, some of you could come into money or a resource that is just as valuable. What gives you joy? Pursue that. Your ideas about money are changing at the same time you could be earning more money. Which is necessary.


Venus enters your 3rd house on the 8th and this is good for students as mid-terms approach. Venus turns up the joy when it comes to communicating and all things that deal with the mind. You could love chatting with others online or in person. People are going to love you; online or in person. Singles could small-talk their way into a date with someone new and refreshing. What a confidence booster! Nice. Writing could be enjoyable at this time. People love you right now, it’s your time. Soak it up because you really are awesome.


The 9th offers a full moon in your relationship house. What needs to be ended, acknowledged or adjusted in your relationships? Especially in your chosen and most important relationships. Some could meet a special person in your life that could come in the form as a platonic friend or mentor; doesn’t have to be romantic. Your relationships can change at this time and please allow this to happen. Big changes are on the menu. The good kind. Remember, what’s good for you, is good for everybody. Mercury retrogrades in your 2nd house on the 17th and Mars enters your 12th house on the same day. The sun enters your 2nd house of money & possessions on the19th of the month. Also, the 2nd house rules the mouth. So, what’s your diet looking like? Are you eating alive foods or dead foods? What are you putting into your mouth, Aquarius? It’s either healing/revitalizing your or killing you. Know this. The sun’s placement here can have you taking a closer look at what you physically consume to help you choose things for your higher self. You’ve got so much to offer yourself and the world & and healthy you is the best way to make sure this happens. Your 12th house of spirituality & beliefs are highlighted along with your house of financial security. The 12th house encourages you to really divulge into your deep spiritual interests, nothing is off limits. For some doing this can kickstart your spiritual journey while others will deepen their roots. Others will find spirituality through the studying of the human diet and how it relates to the esoteric. A business idea can appear or reappear for you during the retrograde. You’ve got some talents and gifts with the world that will blow people’s minds because you’re so unique and rare, even. What are you drawn to? Whatever it is. Please, move towards doing that. The more you balance your inner and outer worlds the more pleasant things can become for you and who deserves a pleasant life more than you, Aquarius.


Theme: Upgrade your social circle, relationship changes, Inner world vs outer world & new financial life.