August HIyah-Horsocope for Aries


Color of the month: Earth tones (For grounding)

Song of the month: “Treat Me Like Fire” – Lion Babe

Workout of the month: Hot Yoga (Burn excess energy)

Themes: Daily habits, Groups of people, Hot-head, more fun, creative money & freedom (Click here for your free natal/birth chart)

Hey there, Aries. August brings in more of that “feel good” vibe many of you have been experiencing. Yes, there’s still retrograde (RX) energy all around. It’ll be that way until the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean life will be filled with a repeat of life’s wackest events. The 3rd offers a full-moon in the sign of Aquarius and illuminating up your 11th house of groups, friends, social connections & hopes for the future. There’s going to be something in this area of your life that needs to be adjusted in some way; possibly terminated all together. You’ll have a better perspective on who’s really on team “YOU”. Some will make new connections, others will severe connections. Either way, it’s all love. At the end of the day, the groups & organizations you associate with is under the moon’s spotlight.

You might find yourself thinking about the “greater good” & the overall welfare of people in general. Showing more of your humanitarian side will do your heart good, even if it’s just pouring good energy into the universe; definitely needed & much appreciated. Pick a cause and join the fight on making the world a more loving place for all. You could even find yourself leading a group of people towards a HIYAH purpose.

Last month, coupled natives were asked to show the softer sides of themselves within their romantic relationships. How was that for you? The goal was to stay true to yourself while allowing the other person to do the same. You probably got a chance to really exercise your “compromise” muscle last month. When Mercury enters Leo on the 5th creative levels increase as useful downloads & ideas can be received. Singles could meet a hottie that shares some of your creative interests. This is likely to turn you all the way “on”. Let’s see where this can go.

Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, lighting up your 4th house of home, family & domestic life. This will encourage you to nurture your home environment in some way. Do a big project or a small one, doesn’t matter just make sure the fam-bam is involved. Did someone say, “DIY”? Venus can also smooth over any turbulence within your family as well. Burn sage while saying loving affirmations to help welcome the Goddess of Love’s vibe into your home. Oh, and the sex. Fiyah.

The new moon on the 18th will give a fresh perspective on how you journey your day-to-day life. If The sun moves into your 6th house of health (Virgo), this helps create structure in within your daily life. Make the most of your 24hrs, fam by creating time to take care of your body. Virgos love structure & they love health/wellness. Using this energy to your advantage will give your ego the boost it needs to stay vibrant. Also, cook more & show your creative side in the kitchen. You might even decide to show off those culinary skills for a special someone; a sure way to earn bonus points. When the sun enters, Virgo on the 23rd, it’s “go time”. That means you’ll be looking at the details of your lifestyle to make useful adjustments. Find new & exciting ways to take care of yourself. 

Watch your temper & continue to watch how to speak to others this month. It’s easy to get bent outta shape about nothing. Use exercise for to build your physical & release stress you’re your mental. Get creative with how you approach problems and you’ll uncover some dope azz ideas that’ll peak your interest. Try to mix creativity with your work, this could set you apart from others and dramatically increase your finances. Speaking of finances, Uranus goes RX in your 2nd house of finances, values, material possessions & work ethic. This happened 80 years ago, and it’s quite possible many will not be familiar with the effects of this transit. Here’s a tip, detach from all things & remind yourself that you “need” nothing. Choose freedom in how you earn your money or risk ultimate dependency. You’ll see the clues. Follow your intuition on that little thought you had. You’re probably onto something great!