August Hiyah-Horoscope for Virgo


Color of the month: Yellows

Song of the month: “Where the Party At” – Jagged Edge, Nelly  

Workout of the month: Yoga

Theme: New Year, Controlled Expressions, No Doubts, Goals & Homies            (click for free natal chart)

Happy Bearth Day Virgo & welcome to your August Hiyah-Horoscope.  Last month’s themes dealt with inviting more fun & creativity into your world. Think about what brought you joy last month. Towards the end of the month some of you began to feel like your “old self” again. You feel more aligned with your values and goals this month which gives you a sense of inner-comfort. You probably met some pretty dope individuals in July, these people are a part of your #SoulTribe. Let’s see what the month of August hold for you, Virgo.

There’s a full-moon on the 3rd in your 6th house of daily activities, health, systems & service to others. How’s your health, for real? Some of you will begin to think about different aspects of health that goes beyond the physical. True. Exercise is key towards maintain a healthy avatar, but there are other aspects of health that needs your attention. Remember, health is holistic. Practice mental health by incorporating more positive self-talk to keep your spirits HIYAH this month and avoid any distracting stories that creep into your mind. It’s funny how much one’s inner-world affects their worldly experiences. Last month you were asked to intertwine more creativity & joy into your work life. This month, the desire is to add more meaning & depth into your daily life. A change in careers/work is on the menu for some of you. How exciting? Some of you will simply create a daily schedule for productivity. 

Mercury moves into your 12th house of healing, spirituality, karma, doubt and the unconscious mind on the 5th of the month. There’s going to be lots of talk and focus on this area of your life during the first half of August. You’re able to express your thoughts and feelings intellectually this month (especially around the 16th) which leaves you feeling empowered. Stay authentic to yourself by honoring your true feelings before anyone else. Couples’ conversations could become very goal driven & meaningful. Make a plan for the future & you’ll start to notice how the details seems to fall right into place. Your partner has got some powerful resources & so do you. There’s potential to create a dynamic duo. Try to avoid “ego trips” that involve money. Instead, rely upon each other for support and trust. They’ve got your back, fam. Singles, will find themselves having deep conversations with strangers. You’ll be amazed at how much you connect with people you don’t personally know. 

There’s a new moon in the 12th house that will give your inner-world a fresh perspective. Some of you will begin detoxing from any limiting beliefs that cloud your unconscious mind. Create more optimistic thoughts and beliefs about yourself to believe. No more seeking that unattainable level of perfection you often burden yourself with. You are perfect. The timing is perfect. What you have is perfect. The 12th house offers you a chance to get rid of any self-doubt & pity before your solar return. You are in the midst shedding your cocoon in preparation for the beautiful transformation that happens on your birthday. There are so many wonderful things you’ll create this upcoming year & it’s only right you celebrate with the people you love most. Dance this month! Besides, who loves a good beat more than you, Virgo?

Venus bring more joy & harmony to your 11th house of groups, friends, hopes, wishes & the future. New friends are on the menu for those who are looking to expand their network. You’ve already started to encounter some of these influential people. The connections you make this month will feel heaven sent, fam. And that’s because they will be. Community is a big deal for you this month & the phrase “there’s power in numbers” will resonate with you this month.

The Sun enters your sign on the 23rd & you’re offered personal new year that lets you reinvent yourself on a soul-level. You’ve been deciding who you want to become & the world is ready for you to reveal yourself. Many of you have already started to make small changes to your inner-world that looks promising. Let’s not forget the upgrades to your appearance, either. You look amazing. Mercury is also here in your 1st house to help you take notice of the details that need your attention when it comes to your persona. You could find yourself getting involved in activities that are unfamiliar. You’ll love the opportunity for learning and new experiences. Take a moment to compare August 2019 to August 2020 and explore the changes have you noticed within yourself. Enjoy your month, Virgo. Live it up.