August Hiyah-Horoscope for Scorpio


Color of the month: Bright Colors

Song of the month: “Dance Tonight” – Lucy Pearl

Workout of the month: Yoga (for mental strength)

Theme: More Fun, Deep Talks, Something New & Creative Expression (click for free natal chart)

Hey there, Scorpio. Welcome to your August Hiyah-Horoscope. July asked you to focus on elements that dealt with your 3rd house of thinking, communication, transportation & learning. What 3rd house activity did you experience last month? Your world has been expanding & that’s left you with some pretty colorful experiences. Continue to work on your positivity & mental health this month. You’ve got a new outlook on life & it seems to be working out well for you.

The full moon in your 5th house of romance, fun, creativity, joy, pleasure, entrepreneurship & children on the 3rd will cause you to ask questions that pull out your inner-knowing. Ask yourself questions like, “What is fun for me?” “What would I love to do in life?” Scorpio, you’re the sign that has the most hidden talents. If you’re looking for a business to start, then look no further than your own doorstep. Surrounding yourself with business minded people or folks you can learn from. In the words of K.Dot, “Get yo a** up & be inspired.” Because you’ve got so much to offer. Share more if your creative side with the world. Scorpios have the ability to get paid for doing what they love. I mean, you do rule “hidden talents”. 

The Mars retrograde (RX) activity happening in your 6th house of daily activities, health, wellness, organization & work habits get a cosmic boost for the next few months. Many of you will find yourself taking more initiative towards creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself & family. Widen your scope as much as you can this month and you’ll find yourself connecting with folks that have all types of interests because they can expose you to new ways of life. Venus enters your 9th house of mental expansion, foreign lands, deeper meanings & good luck on the 7th of the month and this will have you yearning for inspiration. You can learn loads of information about other cultures that leave a lasting impression on your soul. Again, the key is to be receptive to the people places & things outside of your “norm”. During this transit you might “go back” to something that’s beneficial for your daily life/health/wellness etc. A job. Hobby. Activity. Whatever.

Mercury moves into the 12th house of spirituality, healing, the unconscious mind & hidden knowledge on the 6th of the month which will activate your interests for all things cosmic. Allow your mind to wander and expand without judgement. Talks about philosophy & astrology are on the menu this month. You can engage in some pretty deep conversations this month that’ll peak your interest, Scorpio. Stay tuned & you’ll come out with quire a few nuggets to add to your own collection of philosophies. What’s said probably won’t be all profound either, sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the most profound.

 The new moon in the 11th house will offer new perspectives on the people you want in your life. There’s potential to meet the type of people that you can connect with on a deeper level. Take time to think about your future & create a plan. Each day is a great day to take action towards creating the life you want for yourself. Some days will look different than others, but the key to making anything happen for yourself is by honoring your true passions. Take time to be with your thoughts this month to better determine how you want to show up in the world.

Step out of your comfort zone this month and allow yourself to experience joy on all levels this month. Paint. Draw. Sing. Cook and dance this month because life is good, Scorpio. Doesn’t really matter, your job is to express yourself in creative ways.