August Hiyah-Horoscope for Sagittarius


Color of the month: Cool Colors

Song of the month: “I Look Good” – O.T Genesis

Workout of the month: Walking/Jogging

Themes: Accountability, Positive Thoughts, Creative Vibes, Wellness & Letting Go    (click link for free natal chart)

Hey, Sag. Welcome to your August Hiyah-horoscope. Last month’s themes involved taking a closer look at your finances & values. What did you notice about your financial situation last month? Keep exploring additional ways to increase your cash flow, Sag. This is only the beginning of your financial revolution. Reflect on July and you might surprise yourself when you notice all of there is to be proud of. Some of you made great strides towards your best-self last month & August wants you to keep that same energy moving forward. Take this month, one day at a time.

There’s a full-moon in your 3rd house of communications, technology, thinking patterns, siblings, transportation, learning and social activity. Take notice of your thoughts and words this month by stating only the things that you mean. Some of you have a thought process that’s faulty and stale. It’s time to upgrade your thinking. A good place to start is by taking responsibility for your inner-thoughts. There are many of you that have started making better decisions for their overall wellness. Take pride in every step you make towards bettering yourself, Sag. This is only the beginning of something extraordinary you can manifest for yourself. It’s important to know that every time you slick-talk or manipulate your way out of doing what’s best for your highest good is a foul against yourself. What I’m saying is, when you lie to yourself the only person that ends up hurt by it all, is you. No more self-sabotaging & coppin’ out when it comes to honoring your body. You owe it to yourself to live your best life. Meditate or find activities that calm your mind. Focus your mental energy on thinking about the best things in life. Create goals & attain new desires.

On the 9th, Mars goes retrograde in your 5th house of creative outlets, romance, children, & life’s pleasures. During this transit you might find yourself returning to something that you once loved. Allow this to happen. This time around this skill/service could change your life. On the 7th, Venus enters your 7th house of chosen relationships, agreements, equality, marriages & business partnerships to bring more peace and harmony to these life areas. Decide what you want for yourself and execute. If you’re open for love this could be your chance to meet someone that’ll compliment your vibe nicely. Speaking of relationships, be mindful of the fact that you are the most important aspect of any relationship dynamic you’re in. Keep yourself first in all areas, at all times and that means taking care of your mind, body & spirit.

The 14th marks the start of a cosmic event that hasn’t taken place in 80 years. Uranus goes RX in Taurus for the first time since 1940, and for the first time in many of our lives. The energy is subtle but undeniable. Uranus is the planet of sudden change, knowledge, technology & restructuring old societal systems. Uranus’ impact on economic aspects will change the way society values money & certain material possessions moving forward. However, on a more personal note, Uranus lights up your 6th house of wellness, health habits, organization and fitness. This energy will urge you to take your health & lifestyle seriously. The key here is to organize your day so that it incorporates time for your physical health. Take your health seriously while you can. Overall, many of you are already on the right path when it comes to improving your health & wellness. Kudos to you. And Happy August.

Mercury, the Sun and new-moon ignite your 9th house of higher education, knowledge, foreign cultures, traveling, wisdom & religion that helps you ascend towards a higher frequency. Take up new interests and research about them. This will expand your mind & ultimately the way you view yourself and the world. Any knowledge you attain is likely to make a lasting impression upon you. We’re talking impressions so strong they’ll influence the way you think & speak from here on out. You’re evolving so much that you’ve now begun tapping into parts of yourself that you either forgotten about or didn’t know existed. You’ll also be evaluating the way you spend & save money.

Take a look around and you’ll discover that you might need to sell some of your antique possessions to get rid of clutter that often keeps stale energies in your space. Some will want to detach from material possessions and view this as unhealthy behavior. As often as you can remember to, remind yourself that you need for nothing & your needs are always met. Carry grounding stones such as “red jasper” to help with grounding and security this month.