August Hiyah-Horoscope for Pisces


Color of the month: Light Green

Song of the month: “Bouncin Back” – Mystikal

Workout of the month: Sports

Theme: Money Ideas, Inner Beliefs, Health Routine, New Route & Major Connections (click for free natal chart)

Hey there, Pisces and welcome to your August Hiyah-Horoscope. Last month you connected with some pretty amazing people that are more than likely members of your #SoulTribe. July focused on your 11th house of groups, social awareness & hopes for the future. What 11th house changes did you notice? Your finances were also been under watch last month. How was your spending? Think about what brought you joy last month, many of you found a way to bring more pleasure into your life. You’ll notice some of July’s themes show up in August. For instance, Mars is still placed in your 2nd house of finances & values to revamp your money life. The ideas you come up with can make you or someone else serious cash. Watch out for being territorial or getting into spiffs about money. You’re advised to chill on the spending this month. Set a budget.

The Aquarius full moon will light up your 12th house of spirituality and the unconscious mind to help you take notice of the thoughts that keep you limited. Bring more peace and harmony into your life by tapping into the world of astrology, hidden sciences or tarot etc. You might notice a belief pattern that doesn’t resonate with your vibe. Let that belief go & replace it with one you like better. Allow old pains & losses to fall away from your mind. Keep your heart & mind open to the whispers of the world. You’re very connected to your dreams & intuition during this moon.

On the 5th, Mercury enters your 6th house of health, wellness, daily life & routine causing you to think about your wellbeing & lifestyle. How do you perceive your overall health? It’s important to keep a positive mindset when it comes to the body. The human body will literally respond to the words you can. That means if you speak ill against your body, then illness will present itself in the body. If you speak life and vitality into your body, then vibrancy is what you shall have. The Sun is also placed here to guide your focus until the 23rd & the new moon on the 18th will give you a fresh set of eyes when it comes to looking at your daily habits and routine. Expect some changes for the better this month. There are even new daily opportunities to make money & serving others. Some of you might even decide to change your work path all together. Go for it. You’ve got all the cosmic guidance and support.

Mercury & the Sun enter your 7th house of relationships on the 20th & 23rd of the month to help you see which relationships need more of your undivided attention. Listen to others & only respond from a place of compassion. Express yourself in a passionate way that still comes off as respectful to others. Don’t argue. Your ideas are powerful when you incorporate with others. Speaking of others, Venus enters your 4th house of family & home-life to bring more harmony to your home space. Living quarters should be more blissful. You’ll probably decorate or liven up your environment in some way that invites more love.

Your social world is on the rise. You’ll be mingling with some pretty influential folks this month. You might have to wrap your head around the fact that your relationships are becoming a pretty big deal. You’re developing an audience or group of people around you that want to hear what you have to say, Pisces. You’ve got social responsibilities. Actually, you’re being reborn into the social leader that you’re meant to be. Everyone has a role to play.

Uranus RXs in Taurus for the first time since 1940. Uranus will cause sudden changes in your 3rd house of communication, technology, thinking and transportation. Expect to communicate with others in unfamiliar ways; this might seem scary at first. Have faith in yourself because you are cosmically guided. There may be times when you’ll have to speak up for yourself, even if it means ruffling feathers. Be clear and upfront about what you want, Pisces. You’ll be heard every time. Enjoy August.