August HIyah-Horoscope for Libra


Color of the month:  Reds & Tans

Song of the month: “All I Know” – DaniLeigh, Kes  

Workout of the month: Strength Training (for inner-strength)

Themes: Speak Out, Self-Assured, Self-Determination, New Ambitions & The Switch Up (click for free natal chart) 

 Welcome to your August Hiyah-Horoscope, Libra. Last month your family/home life played a heavy role in your awareness. What did you notice about your living situation/family last month?

Career moves were also on the menu for many of you and many of you spent time thinking about the future. There’s still time to curate the life you want for yourself. Keep dreaming. Keep planning.

There’s a full-moon on the 3rd of the month in your house of fun, creativity, romance, self-expression & pleasure. You’ll be encouraged to nurture your inner-child by doing things that bring you pure joy. Expressing yourself in new ways this month can excite the lighter side of your personality. Go at this alone or involve others in your creative pursuits. The choice is yours; however, including others in your plans of fun can create lots of laughter & great memories. It’s possible that some of you aren’t really sure when it comes to deciding what brings you joy/pleasure. If that’s how you feel about it, then take this time to experiment & explore. Allow yourself to try new activities, Libra. You’ll appreciate the new experiences.

Singles and Couples can both experience a romantic bond with nature. Check out the full-moon around the 3rd/4th and you might find yourself in love with what you see. You have the ability to see past the physical and into the actual love in nature’s elements; one of the beautiful traits of your zodiac. The full-moon will highlight the groups of people you surround yourself with. Some of you may start to really notice that one person’s foul behavior & decide to either cut them off or let them have it. You decided. Become fond of keeping boundaries in place for those who just can’t seem to play nice. Feel me. You’ve got power, yes you do Libra. It’s time you start speaking up for yourself & take yourself more serious. Last month focused on the quality of your family/home-life quite a bit. This month you’ll be ready to address the details you don’t agree with vice versa. That means some of you will be “growing up” in a way that forces others to acknowledge who you are today & not who you used to be. Rise up, dammit. Your place in the world is crucial to us all. Your fair-mindedness, understanding & balance helps create a sound structure for the worlds you live in. 

You’re more driven to create the type of relationships and experiences for yourself thanks to Mars heating up your 7th house of partnerships, contracts & chosen relationships. Mars gives the courage to go after the people, places and things that are in alignment with our heart’s desires. Allow yourself to take action & remain open to putting forth the extra effort when it comes to getting what you want. Businesses that are ran by more than one person could see major success during this transit. There’s power in numbers and many of you will become more interested in finding #SoulTribe members. With all of the 11th house activity, you are sure to come across some individuals that seem to instantly connect with you. If this happens, be reminded that your tribe is also searching for you.

Think about your career and the work you love in the world. Are you pursuing YOUR heart’s true desires? Think about that on the deepest level & answer without interference. Listen, you get in your head quite a bit and sometimes the stories that play out aren’t the prettiest. Around the 20th, you’ll get a chance to evaluate the details of your inner-mind and the ways you see yourself on the deepest/spiritual level. Mercury enters your 12th house of self-doubt, spirituality, the unconscious mind, karma & healing on the 20th & the Sun joins the party on the 23rd to welcome Virgo season. Take notice of how you think about yourself on the deepest levels. Do you tend to uplift or doubt yourself at the thought of trying something challenging? Ask yourself questions like this to discover more about how you feel about yourself. It’s going to be quite a few of you who won’t like what they see about themselves. If this happens, you can either continue to be sad about things or you can decide to switch things up. For example, you can create a brand new set of beliefs for yourself to believe. You don’t have to keep thoughts & ideas around that dampen your spirit. When you notice one. Thank it for its service & let that sh*t go. You’ll immediately thank yourself for it. Reflect on the growth you’ve allowed to happen & take time for yourself. Meditate and study the occult sciences this month.

The world is yours, Libra. You are worthy & capable of achieving all that you want in life.