August Hiyah-Horoscope for Leo


Color of the month: Cool Colors

Song of the month: “Live Your Life” – T.I./Rhianna

Workout of the month: Cardio

Theme: Maturing, Changed Relationships, Accountability, Finances & Adventure (click for free natal chart) 

Happy Bearth Day, Leo & welcome to your August Hiyah-Horoscope. Themes of July involved changes in your daily life & tending to your own damn, happiness. Good for you. Think about last month, is there anything you went back to? If so, what was it? Hopefully it was something meaningful to you. You’ve also been doing so major inner-work that’s allowed you to “grow up” on a deeper level. Your ego often advised you to react in a certain way while your intuition often led to the opposite. This allowed some of you the chance to see where you’d like more clarity in life. You’re learning to become more content with not having all the answers. Focus on each day as it comes & take note of the milestones and breakthroughs as they occur. August continues to pour out beautiful energy & it starts with a full-moon in your house of relationships.

The full-moon in 7th house of relationships will encourage you to focus on your chosen relationships. There could be some changes in your current relationship dynamics. For instance, someone that’s usually connected to you could become more distant, while someone less familiar could become closer to you. Either way, the changes that happen are for your greatest good. Know that. Some of you will be modifying current relationships to create more harmony & balance. Allow this moon to highlight where you can take a different approach in your relationships. Get creative in the way you love yourself & those around you. This month do more enjoyable things with the people you love.

The word “relationship” is often associated with romance. Usually, people are involved in more non-romantic relationships than romantic ones when you think about it. Either way, the point of it all is “you”. Don’t forget that you are the most important factor in any relationship you allow. This is where we mention the importance of accountability & self-development. Becoming the best version of yourself is always the goal. Remember, what’s best for you is what’s best for everyone. Many of you have been showing up different in your relationships that’s allowed those closest to you a chance to either accept or deny this new you that’s emerging. You’ve polished your demeanor quite a bit this year alone, Leo. Did we mention, this confident energy suits you well.

Find time to be alone & with your thoughts. Meditation and channeling are great for tapping into the depths of your mind. Allow yourself to love the new parts of you that emerge this month. The 18th, 20th & 23rd are good days for getting work done, including sending resumes etc. There’s a focus on your money & when Mercury enters Virgo on the 20th expect to talk about the nitty gritty. There’s a financial increase in the works for you this month & you’ll love the extra dough. Think about all the beautiful ways you could invest/giveback. Speaking of “giving back”, some of you will find yourself looking for the deeper meaning of the state of the world. Think of ways you can others during this time.

Mars is activating your 9th house for a few months & the vibes it’s bringing screams “adventure”. Some of you will be looking at the wilder side of life that will have you trying new activities, traveling or simply learning something excitingly new. Get fired up about it, because you love excitement more than anyone, Leo. You’ll want to explore & expand your point of view, beware of giving too much of your opinion during conversations this month. Others could end up taking offense if you do. And don’t trip if folks don’t see things the same ways you do. Different doesn’t equate to “negative”. Feel me. Uranus, the planet of rebellion, intellect, radical changes & dismantling old systems goes RX in the sign of Taurus. This hasn’t occurred since 1940! There are huge changes for the world on the horizon. Decided which version of the world you want to live in & pick a side of history to stand on. Some of you might feel a bit stuck during this transit when it comes to your career. If this happens, you’ll want to acknowledge your inner-feelings before thinking about any other aspects when trying to decide how to move. You might be forced to try a different direction and acknowledge that what you once considered as “solid” could soon fail your expectations. Maybe it’s time to tap into that leader/pioneering energy you’re infamously known for. You can be whoever you want to be at any time, fam.