August HIyah-Horoscope for Gemini


Color of the month: Earth Tones

Song of the month: “I Got Five On It” – Luniz

Workout of the month: Sports

Theme: Link-up, Old wounds, Getting deep, Projects, Investments & Clarity     (click for free natal chart)

Welcome to July, Gemini. Last month you were asked to open up & show the softer sides of yourself. How did this play out for you? You’ve also been putting more energy into your financial portfolio. What have you learned about this area of your life since last month? Overall, the there’s more clarity in your life that has allowed many of you to feel like projects etc. are looking more optimistic. Life is just a lil bit sweeter when you can see the good stuff up ahead. Life is unfolding a bit quicker these days & you’re gaining clarity about your life path. However, these progressions must happen naturally, allow your dreams time to manifest, Gem. You really don’t have to rush, push or force anything. The ride is smooth whenever we “go with the flow”. Remember, that time is a concept & things need time to manifest naturally. Feel me.

There’s a full-moon in the 9th house of HIYAH-learning, law, travel, wisdom & philosophy. Your inner-world is under review at this time to help you complete a cycle in this area of your life. Use your emotional intelligence to stay receptive of what needs to be modified or cut-off all together. This will probably relate to a belief or thought you once held about a high-profile subject(s) or person(s). Ask yourself, deep & meaningful questions this month to connect with your Hiyah-self. Make sure to respond with the unfiltered truth. 

Your 3rd house of communicating, thinking, siblings, social interests & automobiles will be activated by the Sun, Mercury & Moon this month. Since all of this energy takes place in the sign of Leo, expect your health to also need focus over the next few weeks. Motivate yourself with small challenges to keep your interest peaked, but mainly you’re lowkey competitive af. A bunch of you have recently started paying more attention to your overall health in general; make sure to give yourself “kudos” from time-to-time. Finding time to exercise is good for your body & mind because it helps you stay out of your head, with those elaborate stories. Use your mind energy to your advantage by focusing your thoughts on the things you want in life. Expect new connections as you interact with people this month. Those who are looking to network for business purposes will come across a very useful resource. 

Opportunities to teach, speak or simply chat with others can present themselves this month & offer you the exposure you deserve. The 3rd house is offering a chance to make money for those who are willing. Teaching/speaking/learning are all 3rd house avenues that can get you paid. Putting yourself “out there” has its perks & you’re about to find out why. You’re a great communicator & have the power to connect people with their tribe. Speaking of the word “great”, you’ve been noticing how great you are. Geminis are often very charming & beautiful. Love on yourself & do something great for your aesthetics this month. New hair? New tatts? New workouts shoes? The choice is yours.

Entrepreneurs put your energy together with likeminded individuals and you’ll be blown away with the results. You’ll be starting some powerful relationships this month that can help change your life & those around you for the better. There’s a sense of “community” that’s buzzing around & those who follow its command will begin to cultivate change on a cosmic level. Be the leader that you know you’re supposed to be Gem & stop downplaying yourself so much. Fam, you legit are all that you’ve been waiting for.

You’ve got some major resources that you probably didn’t’ even notice that’s lying around. Take charge of your social life & you’ll not only connect with others, you can be the one responsible for setting up other dope azz relationships. See what I mean, you’re so powerful, fam. This month, the phrase, “It’s not what you know, but who you know” will begin to hold more meaning for you. You’re already cosmically guided and connected, you just have to step into that power. Live proud, Gem. P.S. update your social media accounts & roam major platforms like LinkdIn, Youtube etc. I hope you’re ready to reap what you’ve sewn, Gemini. It’s harvest time.