August Hiyah-Horoscope for Capricorn


Color of the month: Orange

Song of the month: “Stretch 2, 3, 4” – Watch the Duck

Workout of the month: Calisthenics (Self-Dependency)

Theme: Accounting, Business Ventures, Self-Worth, Spiritual Journey & Transformations (click for free natal chart)

 Capricorn, welcome to your August Hiyah-Horoscope. Last month the Mercury retrograde (RX) in your 7th house of chosen relationships was audited and many of you witnessed changes in some of your dynamics. Remember, the word “relationship” doesn’t just apply to the romantic type. To put it lightly, “Who/what did you kick to the curb last month?” No hard feelings, right. Continue improving your self-development & you’ll discover untapped sources of energy within yourself that’ll prove to be lucrative. The cosmos also suggested financial gains for the month of July for many. What financial changes did you experience last month? Your family and home life were also highlighted last month & you may have found yourself spending more time with loved ones or working on the emotional aspects of your soul. The good news is, August is also filled with loads of cosmic energy & blessings for each of you. 

The full moon on the 3rd of the month happens in the sign of Aquarius & puts a spotlight on your 2nd house of possessions, finances, values, tasty foods & the throat. Some of you will be forced to look at your spending & financial upkeep. The cosmos wants to increase your money flow & some of you have already experienced this happen. The point is to make room for “more” by tidying up any loose ends or cleaning up any financial spills that are simply killing the vibe. What you may notice is that you spend too much on something as simple as “eating out”. A solution would be to cook more of your own meals, fam. This option typically does well for your wallet & your body because you can control the ingredients used to prepare these meals. Besides, Capricorns has a knack for knowing their way around the kitchen. Either way, the overall goal is for you to develop a more harmonious relationship with money.

Speaking of money, your 8th house is visited by the Sun, Mercury & the new moon this month. Remember what we said about reviewing your finances? Yeah, do that. Because the 8th house rules, other people’s money, joint resources, taxes, inheritances, sex, secrets, hidden talents & mystery. You’ll be paying much attention to this life area all month whether you plan to or not.

People want to support you this month and if you’re looking for a sponsor or business partner, this month could connect you with a solid prospect. The questions to ask yourself this month are, “What would I like to do?” or “What is my financial goal?”  The Leo new moon on the 18th offers a fresh mindset when it comes to finances & business. What’s left to do is come up with a plan & execute. And this is where you come in, Cap. See, while all of this financial talk is happening, there’s major action happening in your 1st house of self at the same time

Working on yourself will indirectly impact & improve your finances. Do you hear me? Let me explain, the wonderful ideas & abilities we receive can’t manifest for people who won’t develop on a personal level. There will come a time when their ideas will be superseded by what they feel is actually possible and when that happens…. usually nothing good happens. Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto are all in your 1st house of self-expression, ego, looks, identity, physical body & approach to life. Each of these planets bring their own energy to help you expand, change and grown on the most profound levels. You’ve felt these changes for some time & the ones you embrace have turned out to be fruitful for you. Allow yourself to continue the self-development & expansion. Let the spiritual journey begin, again. You’re always learning & growing, but this time you’ll be reaching for the cosmos for help. Your interests and research will leave you with knowledge that can change not only change your life, but those around you as well. You’re on a new wave. A new level. A new you.

Mars will force you to put more energy and effort into your home life. Take notice of the activity you allow into your home, Cap. You’ll be getting rid of quite a bit of the “crap” left over from your childhood. This means you’ll be working on your inner-child. Your inner-self. This will help you to love yourself and others with more compassion. Speaking of love, on the 14th Uranus will RX in Taurus for the first time in 80 years to bring about heavy changes, in a subtle way that impacts how the world values money. Expect major changes that come as a shock or suddenly with this transit. But on a personal note, you might find yourself shocked when you realize all of this will take place in your 5th house of love, romance, children, creative outlets, & life’s pleasures.


The key is to stay open and receptive to people, places and things for those life moments that make you say, “The old me would have never.” What I’m saying is, expect the unexpected; in a good way, of course. Especially, when it comes to love & romance. Stay tuned. You’ve been actively shedding your skin & revealing a new you that comes with updated terms & conditions. Folks had better fall in-line or get left behind.