August Hiyah-Horoscope for Aquarius

August Hiyah-Horoscope for Aquarius


 Color of the month: Yellows

Song of the month: “B.I.T.C.H.” – Meg the Stallion

Workout of the month:   Yoga (Mental Strength)

Theme: Self-Awareness, New Attitude, Changing Relationships, Great Ideas & New Identity (click for free natal chart)

Welcome to your August Hiyah-Horoscope, Aquarius. Saturn went retrograde (RX) in your 12th house of unconscious mind, spirituality & beliefs for a review of the way you see yourself & your beliefs about life itself. You’re now starting feel differently about certain subjects. How has your outlook changed since July? This 12th house cosmic energy will carry over into August as you continue to restructure your soul from the inside-out. There was an overall sense of joy felt by many of you in July. Think of the reason(s) that made you feel that way to remind yourself of things to be grateful for. You may have experienced changes in your daily life/routine that you appreciate as well. July was a good month for you guys, and August is here to carry on the “good vibes” torch.

You’re the center of attention at the beginning of the month thanks to the full-moon happening in you 1st house of life approach, ego, fresh starts, your look & overall self. This will have you being more aware of your appearance, first impressions & overall identity. Some of you will start to notice things about yourself that you don’t necessarily admire, which is cool because Aquarius natives usually don’t mind doing “the work”. Ultimately, this is an opportunity for a personal upgrade without waiting until your birthday month. You have the right to reinvent yourself whenever you feel the need. Just know the world accepts every version of you & there’s room for you live freely. Love on yourself & treat yourself the best. Just remember that something 1st house related is going to need adjusting or finalized all together during this transit. You’ll be called to “action” because this energy is very energetic & personal for you. You’ll feel so much lighter in your spirit once you take steps towards doing what’s best for you, Aquarius.

Your 7th house of chosen relationships, business partners, marriage, equal rights, and sharing will host Mercury, the Sun, and the new moon this month. Mercury kicks things off on the 5th of the month which tells you what to think about. The cosmos encourages you to operate from a place of love when dealing with people & avoid using intellect to dominate. You’ll want to explore your relationship with your thoughts/beliefs. Are you holding on to outdated beliefs? Ground yourself in practicality by living in the moment. Whenever you are present, you are able to notice each moment spent with a loved one or doing something you love. In return, doing this can improve your relationships 10fold. Think about how much your family would love to appreciate your undivided attention. Think about how much headway you’d make on a project if you dedicated the time & energy into doing the groundwork. One the other hand, you could discover that you’re completely over a certain attachment. Yes, Aquarius. “Detach.” If you find that a person, place or thing no longer serves you, fam. “De-Tach.” 

Find more balance in your relationships by making sure your needs are met. This will feel good for you and others around you. on the 7th, Venus enters your 6th house to bring more love and harmony & joy to your daily life. This could play out in a variety of ways for you Aquarius. Some could experience a major daily life change like volunteering or a new job while others will simply rediscover the joys of day-to-day tasks. Make an effort to allow more happiness into your daily life & you’ll start to see the love. You’ve been having some great ideas lately; write them down & make a plan of action.

Mars in your 3rd house has your mind and thinking skills turned up to the max. Meditate to help with “scatter brain”. Meditation will also help to keep you chill during times when it’s easy to argue with others. Take it easy behind the wheel & avoid “road rage” because no one wants an accident. If you’ve got a business pitch, throw it because folks are loving your words & you could talk yourself into some sweet deals. You might even find yourself going back to something 3rd house related, this month.

Uranus RXs in Taurus for the 1st time in 80 years for a major change in the world’s finance & values system. But on a personal note, Uranus will cause speedy/unexpected changes in your 4th house of home/family life. Family dynamic changes & unresolved childhood issues are all up for review during this transit. Taurus energy will help you stay practical as you address any issues that may come up. Stay grounded by eating fresh foods & walking barefoot on the natural earth. And drink hella water. The overall goal here is for you to stay true to yourself. Happy August, fam.

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