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The Beginning
We wanted to create something; a gift that every soul on this planet could benefit from. We took our most valued things and arrived at what we called “the ultimate 3”: the mind, the body and the spirit. So, we made a street-wear brand; one that spiritually cleanses and intentionally blesses each garment with affirmations before being packaged and delivered to your door. A brand created for those who are aware of the unseen forces that govern our reality. A brand that supports respects and accepts us all through our differences as we reach for our “Hiyah” selves. Each design was created with a specific intention in mind to protect your vibe, increase your vibration and invite spiritual guidance as you navigate your day-to-day journey. Hiyah Intellect Apparel Ltd.Co. was inspired by those who seek a higher knowledge and show respect for the COSMOS.
Promise Made. Promise Kept.
We promise our products are made with the best intentions in mind so that you may have cosmic support and enlightening experiences in our gear. We don't claim to heal or prevent any given circumstances etc. We simply use our products as a way to send love and light to those who dwell on this plane. We will produce designs that only show respect for the COSMOS. Each item will be created with the utmost regard for your vibrational energy.
Spiritually Cleansed & Intentionally Blessed
--Why Sage?--
When burned in a well ventilated area, sage often removes the stale and negative energies that dwell in our fabrics, homes and other items; this is commonly known as “smudging”. You’re probably wondering, “Where did these energies come from”? It’s simple. Energies are everywhere, all of the time. Many of the fabric's energies (positive & negative) were probably collected from the many hands they’ve passed through during the manufacturing/shipping processes. The cosmos teaches us that energy can never be destroyed or created. This is why we use sage; it commands many of these unwanted energies to vacate the premises of the garment. We then take it one step further by speaking positive affirmations over your spiritually cleansed garment before we ship it to you.


Each garment is verbally blessed with a set of specific affirmations that invites spiritual guidance to cosmically support our consumers whenever they wear our items. Each design will be blessed with its own set of affirmations; offering a different vibe for the items we offer. Each order will receive the set of affirmations intended for their garment so that consumers can “keep that same energy”.
Hiyah Intellect Apparel is the leading street-wear brand to spiritually cleanse and intentionally bless your fabrics. We protect more than your fresh.    


                                          “We make clothes for the SOUL.”